Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Smart Minds Drive Alike

Isuzu is celebrating nearly 90 Years of Driving. For your info, Isuzu has been a pioneer in the manufacture of vehicles and engines for industrial and commercial use since its first truck was introduced in 1918.

Today Isuzu is a world leader in the production of reliable medium-duty trucks and is world-renowned for its expertise in engineering, from diesel engines to pickups to SUVs.You may want to buy SUV, Sport utility vehicles or
isuzu pickup since they have a good reputation. For pickup trucks they have crew cab and extended cab.For crew cab, they got i-370 CrewCab.

This Crew Cab is available for both 2WD and 4WD configurations, this stylish performer comfortably seats up to five passengers, always pulls its own weight and looks great doing it. For a truck that’s right up your alley, avenue or access road, the impressive i-370 pickup is difficult to match.For
extended cab, they have i-370 Extended Cab and i-290 Extended Cab .

Put the i-290
extended cab pickup on the job and you've got more than a dependable midsize truck - you've got a 4x2 truck that'll stretch itself to the limit, making sure every job gets done - and done just right. With seating for up to five and a 72.8-inch bed, the i-290 is perfectly at home pulling hefty payloads up to 1,500 pounds, while employing a heavy-duty suspension to smooth out bumps along the way.

For further info, you can go to Isuzu.Com to view the cab gallery, performance, specifications, comparisons and accessories.

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