Monday, October 07, 2019

Politics - we get monkeys because we pay peanuts

PM is on $500k CEO of Qantas earned [?] $24 million!

Tony and Bill running the country [NOT!]

ALP doesn't get WA
The lead story of the local newspaper The West Australian is that the Australian Labor Party [ALP] misread the swing states [WA and Queensland} at the last Federal Election. They were expected to win easily but didn't because they didn't get traction in those two states.
Of course, the polls had them winning in the large cities of Melbourne and Sydney and those who run the show took that as Australia and really that was only the Liberal left leaning city dwellers - so the Polls don't get WA and Queensland either.
Painful loses will get them to navel gaze for a while but eventually, they will be swayed by the noisy touchy feely city dwellers and hopefully, their ignorance will keep them out of Government again- yes please Bill Shorten, stay in politics for another 20 years and stay in the wilderness. The conservatives have Tony Abbott cause chaos, the ALP can have you!
I promise no more politics.


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