Sunday, October 20, 2019


IF It's Free can you complain?

I am giving the game away here - my morning coffee is at the McCafe in Morley - three days ago the sign in for the FREE wifi was changed and it now requires the completion of a captcha HOWEVER it doesn't show up on the screen so you can't log in - do you think that is on purpose?

I was on a cruise in May on the Spectrum of the Seas - you know where you need a second mortgage to afford the wifi so when it berthed in Aqaba everyone head for the closest Maccas for the renowned FREE wifi. After trying to log on a couple of times, I relented and asked one of the staff if there was a password and she said NO but "we disable the wifi when cruise ships are in!"

Do you think Macca's in Morley is doing this?? I wouldn't put it passed them!


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