Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Sins of the Father

Australian's of faith are divided today...

The "biggest scalp" has been claimed - maybe as is the way, just temporarily if the appeal process returns a different result - Cardinal Pell has been convicted of an unlikely charge but the chorus is signing loudly that they finally have their man.

I suppose people who have been ignored for so long feel vindicated.

My thoughts about the obscene wealth of the Catholic Church when as a tourist I visited the Vatican 20 years ago... I thought the Church was all about helping the poor... obviously, not here!

So, as someone who went to Sunday Mass for nearly 20 years so my kids would have a faith to choose from rather than a faith to choose... who wins out of this?? Not the victims are their champions as they move onto someone else to ear down... not the people of faith who have to rethink their beliefs... not the press who scream shrilly... nobody wins... it is a sad world.

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