Monday, March 04, 2019

What's in a song?

One of my favourite coffee shops closed for good last week... the coffee was OK [ that is a compliment ] but the music was non-negotiable and BAD.

It was loud and NOT what the majority of customers would have chosen if given the choice. The coffee shop in Beaufort Street Mount Lawley [ Cantina 663 ] was staffed by funky young people but in my experience was frequented by 55 plus well-heeled locals - who grew up on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Many requests to "change the music" as requested by my guests were greeted with the music can't be changed but I can turn it down a bit which normally didn't last long.

So at least 4 of my coffee mates told me "can we have coffee " elsewhere... so conservatively just from me that is $100 a month that goes somewhere else... and obviously others voted with their wallet as the FOR LEASE sign attests.

I ponder this as my breakfast place allows the horror of the world in when one customer controls the TV and bad news morning TV.

The world shouldn't be controlled by the least tolerant person but often it is until it isn't.

Just saying...

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