Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Grateful Dead Dead Marketing Magic 13 - 20

Magic Number 13 Your marketplace’s mother tongue is human

Magic Number 14 Experiment, Experiment, Experiment 

Magic Number 15 Take risks to learn from our failures and successes, and move forward

Magic Number 16 Embrace Technology 

Magic Number 17 Be open-minded about how to market your service or products

Magic Number 18 Push to the limit what was possible based on the technology of the day.

Magic Number 19 Embracing technology and  new forms of communications

Magic Number 20 Establish a New Category 

Magic Number 21  Cross styles and created your own.

Magic Number 22  Ignore conventional wisdom to create uncontested markets .  

Magic Number 23 Encourage Eccentricity 

Magic Number 24  Build personality into your web site

Magic Number 25 Bring People on an Odyssey 69

Magic Number 26 Put Fans in the Front Row 79

Magic Number 27 Build a Following 87

Magic Number 28 Cut Out the Middleman 97

Magic Number29 Free Your Content 105

Magic Number 30 Bypass accepted channels and go direct

Magic Number31 Be Spreadable 113

Magic Number 32 Make clients an equal partner in a mutual journey

Magic Number 33 Upgrade to Premium 119

Magic Number 34  Loosen Up Your Brand 127

Magic Number 35 Partner with Entrepreneurs 135

Magic Number 36 Give Back 143

Magic Number  37 Do What You Love 151

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