Thursday, June 10, 2021

Change: why it fails!

Not Establishing a Great Enough Sense of Urgency

The vaccine roll out isn't a race: why?

Most successful change efforts begin when some individuals or some groups start to look hard at a  situation, They focus on the potential everyone seems to be ignoring. They then find ways to communicate this information broadly and dramatically, especially with respect to crises, potential crises, or great opportunities that are very timely. [No disease, trave etc] This first step is essential because just getting a transformation program started requires the aggressive cooperation of many individuals. Without motivation, people won’t help and the effort goes nowhere.

Compared with other steps in the change process, phase one can sound easy. It is not. Well over 50% of efforts fail in this first phase. What are the reasons for that failure? Sometimes it is underestimated how hard it can be to drive people out of their comfort zones. Sometimes they grossly overestimate how successful they have already been in increasing urgency. Sometimes they lack patience. In many cases, health officials become paralyzed by the downside possibilities. They worry that people y will become defensive, that morale will drop, that events will spin out of control, that short-term results will be jeopardized, , and that they will be blamed for creating a crisis.

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