Thursday, March 14, 2019

It is OK not to know who you are

You should reset every 4 years BUT own who you were back then but you can be a different person each 4 years...

Today's Social Media hot potato #metoo is digging up something someone said 10 years ago and claiming they are the same person... well they usually aren't>

Thinlking back 4 years ago - are you the same person as then?? I bet you have heard the saying "You can't say that anymore!" you what, that means you could say that once upon a time... you know how all jokes that were "Insert type of person here " have to be "plain vanilla" now. Like the three "Insert insult here" has become three "nongender identified persons" - it is a challenge because the joke needs to be good to get a laugh.

Want to hear more of this enlightening though challenge? Can I suggest you listen to a podcast with Jordan Harbinger and Charlamagne tha God Lenard Larry McKelvey a very popular American radio Shock Jock who is obvious mellowing as he passes 40. He says the 25-year-old him doesn't resemble the 40-year-old him - BUT he says he is proud of his warts and all 25 old self because it got him to the 40-year-old version.

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