Friday, March 08, 2019

Digital Marketings Dirty Little Secret

Yesterday I had coffee with one of the worlds best salesmen who sells $10 million in solutions to the customer experience. He said that he often feels like telling them to investigate email marketing.
Of all the things invented by the internet, email has lasted the longest and is still relevant.
Did you know that even when it works, Social media marketing has an open rate of 0.5% whereas even untargeted email is 5% or 10 times [ 1000% ] better than that... and if people actually know you [ like clients ] it can be 30% and for GREAT clients it can be as high as 90%.
So what is the dirty little secret?? Try sending email and see what happens, The gatekeepers Google and Facebook have made it very difficult - if you have used MailChimp and get one complaint they shut you down...
And you are forced to use Google Adwords or Facebook Sponsored Posts... and it is common to hear that people are spending 10's of $1000's a month on these applications...
However, most companies have a CRM [ Customer Relationship program] which usually has the clients' contact details.... and email costs a few dollars a month regardless of how many you send and you have your marketing fixed.
Mmmm tell me more - OK but only if you ask nicely.

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