Saturday, March 09, 2019

What would Zig Say?

When I started listening to motivation messages it was on cassette tape... Earl Nightingale's Strangest Secret and Zig Ziglar's See YOU at the TOP! I can nearly recall word for word Zig's story about "getting cooked in the squat"

Now we have podcasts and each morning I listen to words of wisdom from today's Sages - Andy Presella, Joe Polish, Stephen Dubner.... but those smooth words of Zig are missed... A few days ago I listened to a James Altucher podcast with John Maxwell and it sounded like a modern Zig - they were promoting John's new book Leadershifts... and since then I have found John Maxwell's podcast which have commentary by younger members of his team - geez John is  a young 71 as this is written - which gives the message a wider bite... but I suggest if you miss the Wisdom of Zig [ who passed at 82 ] catch anything to do with John Maxwell. If bible quotes get in the way of the message screen them out... in or out, the message is powerful. And the John Maxwell Company is the World's largest Leadership Organisation now...

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