Friday, May 24, 2019

You really have to look to find fault

Mmmm I am just back from a month speaking on a cruise [floating hotel] ship from Barcelona via Dubai to Singapore.
When asked, "How was it?" I have been answering "Great you have to look for things NOT to like".
The one thing that really did jar was the last part of the trip from Singapore to Perth by Scoot - at the moment of the safety talk the captain came to the front of the plane and said "We have had a small incident on the tarmac and I have asked the engineer to come and take a look."
It turned out the tow tug had hit the plane which made it unserviceable and we needed to change planes which added a couple of hours to when we got home plus we only got two of our three pieces of luggage when we arrived home.
That story took pride of place in my story until:
The missing piece of luggage arrived and a voucher for the fare on scoot with a 12 month usage date arrived by email without explanation [unexpected gift which is much appreciated]
So even my hard luck stories have been turned into good news!

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