Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where to now??

The last few days I have been creating a list of 100 ways to reinvent myself and my business. One recurring theme is that I should create a MasterMind day like Jayson Gainard's Mastermind Talks.
So I am seriously putting my efforts into creating this event. It will be in Sydney either later this year 2018 or early next 2019 and the first speaker and mentor will be Justin Herald.
The thumbnail plan is for a maximum of 150 people and for it to take 2 days... being fully catered and curated - like a musical chairs - after each session you are in a different group so by the end of the two days you have met and spoken to everyone there.
At this stage I am looking for suggestions of challenging speakres and anything else you think would be of interest.
let me know here or at wayne.mansfiled[@]
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#WayneMansfield #BusinessSeminarsAustralia #EddiePeters #SMM2018 #BusinessSeminarsAustralia #SethGodin #Croz

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