Saturday, June 16, 2018

Play the Matrix BOOK REVIEW [ Audio ]

This is an audio book about creating your future and if you recognise the name - Mike Dooley - he is featured in The Secret.
Points of Interest:
audio book - I subscribe to Audible and used this months credit - else wise wouldn't have probably listened to this.
Playing the Matrix is mention by Dickie Armour in his Monday Podcast and given credit by Dickie for allowing him to change direction.
Bernard Kelly suggested I look for inspiration from what I like doing.
The audio book comes with [ as do other books ] downloadable pdf sheets which I have done.
Basic Idea:
You can dream a different out come if you understand the Matrix.
The material is interesting enough for me to listen again - it reminds me of Wallace Wattle's The Science of Getting Rich which is the platform for the work of Croz Crossley.
My recommendation:
Play the Matrix is worth the effort to read [ listen ]
Rating at this stage 4 / 4 .

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