Thursday, June 21, 2018

Is it time to change gear?

Yesterday I was challenged by a friend to look at what I have been doing over the last few years - the Business Seminars Australia business... and she said - why do you keep doing it? And my lame answer was "I need $x to maintain the lifestyle " and she said "why"
So let's address the "why" of what you do..
1 You are good at it: That is why I have been one of the world's best direct marketer since 1975 - I have been always doing it and getting better - something new changed all my metrics yesterday except my enjoyment of doing it..
2. What if the new thing doesn't work? Again some advice from a friend said - if it doesn't work who would know??
3. Not having faith in the process - I gave someone advice about "Do enough" to get the result. My old saying "Activity gets results - not necessarily from the activity" and then proceed to say you won't know if it works unless you give it a try 20 times... "the first no doesn't mean the next 19 will say no!" earlier
So, the time has come to try that new thing - and the best way is to stop doing the old thing... which I did earlier today! [ now to let the world know too!]

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