Monday, June 11, 2018

Change it is a constant

The latest news on the demise of retails here in Perth Western Australia says that 20 plus year old Kambo's retail store has shut the doors of its nearly a dozen stores - it has succumbed to "soft" trading conditions and it blames [ obviously ] the internet.
Yet if you were to visit the Apple Store [ yes a real life in high rent area store ] in any major retails area in the world it will be packed with people buying HIGH priced APPLE products which independent research shows are as good as the competition.
My simple question is why?? Apple is a modern store where any staff member is empowered to fix, refund or make happy the client... and young staff are labelled GENIUS's and they act like GENIUSs... maybe a message for someone??
Turn up unexpectedly and you are greeted with "Do you have an appointment " No appointment no service
Those of us with old attitudes [ me included originally ] push back against this but eventually we accept that an appointed time means we get undivided attention and 95/100 a fix that wows... on a less than perfect product - shouldn't it have worked AT FIRST!
So, I am taking time to review my business model that has stopped performing optimally after 18 years and rather than blame conditions politicians or competitors [ the internet ] I am looking to reinvent myself.

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