Saturday, December 26, 2015

7 Sure Fire Ways to get More Twitter Followers

I have been on Twitter for over 7 yars and at the height of my involvement I had 124k followers. I now have a touch more than 99k... and the stats say I am lsoing 4 followers a day. So, I thought I should stop the rot, and find out the best way, short of going to and buying them, how I could change the numbers to a positive gain per day.

Here are the 7 best ways to naturally grow your following.

1. Reply to others publicly. [ Idea from Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt } Rather than reply via DM, reply publically which allows others to join in and follow the conversation. This means to start with ".." or a word before the reply and all can see the conversation. Others who find the subject of interest will be tempted to follow and join on in. Michael says he nearly always replies  in public. This way both your followers and the other persons followers can see the conversation.

2. Many people use something called an "@message" to top Twitter users. Here's how it works. If you and your friend both have Twitter accounts and you both follow each other, you can send direct messages to each other that aren't for public consumption. But you can also send "@messages" to anyone you want, whether you follow them or not, or they follow you or not. Got that? Here's where it gets good -- an "@message" is posted on your profile page for all to see. So if you wanted to send an "@message" to top Twitter user actor Ashton Kutcher, anybody visiting your profile would see it. Good luck getting Mr. Kutcher to send a tweet back to you, but that's not the point. But if he does feel the urge to re-tweet your message -- or broadcast it to all his followers -- 17.3 million people will see it (as of December 26, 2015) [ How Stuff Works ]

3. Tweet often—but leave space for engagement.  Watch who retweets your updates—and which updates they’re sharing—to get a sense of your strongest advocates. And be sure to engage with those who share your updates and those who respond to you. Thank them, answer their questions, and ask them why they likes that tweet or this post. [ Prologger ]

4. Retweet relevant content so as to capitalize on ongoing conversations.You do this by retweeting relevant content. I use TweetDeck to identify thought-leaders in my areas of interest, and retweet meaningful content they’re sharing. Their voice is amplified, and yours legitimized. Your brand stands to benefit from associating with reputable commentators, and often you get reciprocal sharing. [ TNW News ]

5. Twitter true engagement can be effectively stimulated by asking questions. This will create interaction as your followers try to respond to your questions. You should treat your twitter home feed like a chat room. People like Tim Ferriss, James Altucher and Yoko Ono regularly have sessions where they ask questions or do a Q & A session.Twitter group chats are an excellent way of connecting with people and building more meaningful and deeper connections.  [ Twitter Tools Book ]

6. Ask Your Followers to Retweet You - research shows that a ppolite ask gets more RT's and the more RT's you get, the more followers come on board. Saying please has been proven to get better results.  If every retweet usually leads to a few new followers, depending on how many followers the person who retweets you has. [ I asks for RT's about every 5 ot 6 tweets ]

7. Use a service like Triberr. This system auromatically allows your blog posts to be promoted by tweets to fello Triberr members. My blog posts are seen by 10 million [ or have the possibility of being seen by 10 million ] and each post attarcts new followers.

So there you go - 7 ways to get more twitter followers. Be sure to follow me on twitter I am @WayneMansfield

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