Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Refund? What would you do?

3 hour session - $185.00 registration

Just back from a National Tour of our management seminars - 285 people attended across 10 sessions... average rating 8.5/10 [ from 260 filled in rating sheets ] but 1 refund request


One attendee wrote: I left at the break because this session was so basic that nobody would get any good advice from it... I have better things to do with my time. Please refund my registration.


If you go to the wrong concert, or mistakenly think steaks of torfu are actually meat steaks, go to a hyped up movie only to find you need to be a nerd to get it, are you right in asking for your money back?

From the feedback across 260 people they rated the session as great value - what should I do for the one person who asked for a refund??

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