Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is what you do on borrowed time?

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I was listening to a podcast this morning featuring Simon Black, Founder, and he was talking about things that we do that are past their use by date but are often continuing because they are protected by a Government enforced monopoly. He was ranting about paper copies of things that should be OK as digital things... like agreements that need to be printed, then signed and then usually digitized and stored digitally. Such a waste of time and effort.

he said that the Pony Express was killed off very quickly when telegraph wires followed railway lines across America. I suppose the same can be said of teletext machines when we got fax machines or Faxes when people went to email.

I was wondering therefore if we should really worry that the Post Office is dead... except that we support it with our taxes so it can keep doing stuff the most inefficient and expensive way.

It costs less to buy a book from in the UK, have it shipped nearly next day to Australia than it does to by a express Post bag to send a similar weight of papers to the next suburb in your capital city... and then your guarantee is that if it is not delivered in the said time, they will refund your fee so they can stuff up the delivery on another time sensitive item.

I long for the day when the Post Office is a distance memory just like the Pony Express.

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  1. The way the government supports the post office is a travesty, but as is typical with most government operations there is so much waste and mismanagement. The post office has so much potential and would be better off run like any other business. I think they've been trying to do that to some degree yet they still retain the mindset of a government body.

    Yesterday I was watching a TV report about the post office possibly turning to become a financial institution much like is the case in Europe and elsewhere. So more than just money orders they would offer other services related to finance. It might be another opening for more mismanagement and wasteful spending, but if done correctly could be the salvation of the post office.

    As a long time stamp collector (though not as serious about it now as I was as a child), I've long been a fan of the post office system. Our service in the U.S. is still pretty efficient and less expensive for the most part than other services.

    I'd like to see drastic managerial and operational changes, but not necessarily the demise of the post office.

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