Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back home.... travellers remorse

Glaciers in Alaska on a summers day
Five weeks is the longest I have EVER been away from HOME... and I am not sure I am in any great hurry to repeat the experience.

Although the time in London was fabulous, I learnt that I wouldn't like to live in England. It has everything that you need... people, shops, great food and history BUT I wouldn't know who to barrack for when I went to the cricket. But I JUST LOVED that there were 12 Daily News papers and they still have Page Three girls!!

Canada was too nice... so clean, so many DIFFERENT bins... and mountains and gondola rides... and mountains, rivers and gondola rides... and so British!! Even thou we spent most of our time in British Columbia I am still confused about the identity of a Canadian... they are not Americans, they are not French, they are not British and Canadian seems so... well... NICE. And their daily newspapers must the the WORST in the world.

And my introduction to Alaska was by way of Holland America cruising... so fake towns selling fake jewells and everything was extra although the cruise was "all inclusive..."

Those poor salmon. Something you should know but until you see it, it doesn't really sink in. Salmon return to where they were spawned, they "do the deed" and then die!! What a life cycle.

Life's little mystery: Why is it that when you fly East to West your body adjusts for changes in time and you can function 100% the moment you hit the ground running. Yet when you travel West to East, it takes three days [or more] of LOTS of sleep before you return to normal?? Mmmm that is probably a first world problem!

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