Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Steps to Getting Stuff Done

Step 1:  Grab 120 minutes a week of wasted time back... it can be done by stopping watching Television, ditch reading the newspaper, stop checking all your social media updates, limit time spent reading your email, making better time during your commute, going to fewer meetings or limiting the time in meetings to 17 minutes.

Step 2: Use those 120 minutes better. I suggest 30 minutes of exercises, start reading non fiction or business type books, replace television news with documentaries, ditch all but 1 social media application and refuse to go to meetings that are not schedule to start at 15 minutes before the hour and to finish on the hour.

Step 3:  Have a mind map of what is necessary to achieve your goal and do the first 5 things on the map list [ is great for this...]

Step 4: Get out that pen, yes a PEN, and write 3 THANK YOU NOTES on real paper, put them in REAL envelopes and send them... that is an every day project. [ oh yes with REAL stamps.]
Thank You Thank You

Step 5: This weekend, and then every alternate weekend, commit to doing NOTHING to do with work. Veg out or chil out or work out... you will love yourself for it!

Step 6:  Decide for the next 30 days to cut out all unnecessary spending. Make yourself a flat white rather than grabbing one at the Coffee Club. Eat fresh fruit rather that buying a wrap. Read everything on a smart device rather than buying a hard copy. And use the saved money to reduce one of your high interest debts.

Step 7: Volunteer at a local group by doing or leading or managing... giving money is nice but it doesn't count. You need to give some of your self.

What is the payoff. If you do this for 6 months, and RECORD what you have been doing in a HAND WRITTEN journal, you will be the fittest you have ever been, the best-rested, best-funded, and most motivated person you know. You will be better able to live life to your full potential... so, what is stopping you?

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