Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go on PICK YOU!! only 627 pages to 250k page views

Wayne Mansfield
The world was built on a few have power over the many... BUT THAT HAS CHANGED!!

I will pass a milestone later today September 25th, 2013 when the 250,000 th reader stops by tis blog to read. Yes that's right, on just my http://www.waynemansfield.com ramblings, 250,000 have stopped by to see what I am writing about.

When I introduce myself to a new person or group my most effective opening line is: "I am from Margaret River before it was famous." It doesn't seem to matter where I travel people know Margaret River - it might be the world's best surfing waves, it's delightful wines, the amazing limestone caves or the 100m trees... but I immediately strike a cord when I say "I am from Margaret River."

Would that have helped me in my writing career?? Who knows but I do know there wasn't a GOD maker out there waiting fro me.

If I had waited for someone to pick me I am not sure I would have been picked!!

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