Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quest: The World's Best Hotel Toasting Machine... Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel 5/10

Challenge: To find a toasting machine that is quick and will toast sliced bread on both sides in ONE go!! [Universal World Scale of Toaster Perfection]

Where did the idea come from such a quest?? Firstly, it is a bug bare of mine that bread takes so long to toast  at nearly every hotel I have ever stayed at [ it NEVER is quick and the annoyance of having to put it through twice!! - I know, first world problems but hey... they shouldn't be hard to fix!] and secondly, I saw a none English speaking patron put METAL tongs into the depths of a popup toaster yesterday at the Fairmont Lake Louise Hotel at Lake Louise... my friend Trevor nearly killed himself doing that and has nasty scars to show for such an innocent but deadly act.

So this morning the quest began at The Fairmont Banff Springs Resort. With a breakfast room heaving with over 200 guests there was but ONE toaster... one of those tractor ones... and time after time people placed their bread in the top, and waited for 2 to 3 minutes [seemed MUCH longer] for the toast to reappear with hardly a sign of any toasting and barely warm.

Trusty Hotel Toaster

Above is the toaster at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, with the third of my 3 pieces of toast disappearing in the bowels of the toaster.. and then the wait for what would emerge so 3 minutes later...

Once through barely a sign that toasters was on!

 As you can see, hardly a sign that the bread had been subject to any heat at all... and barely warm...

Some success after pass 2 at least edible

Pass 2... aaarh... toasted enough to eat... so, in my Universal World Scale of Toaster Perfection, the toaster in Banff at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is rated a 5/10 ! That represents a score of "better than most, but still terrible!!"

Quality of the toast?? The bread was a delightful soft whole grain that was great eating with butter and berry jam.

Feedback: Let me know if you have been lucky enough to find a GREAT toaster or share with me your Toaster horror stories!!

If you arewatching: Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel would love to have your feedback!

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