Thursday, September 19, 2013

Have you googled yourself today!!

Today I did a Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats session in Perth... 23 people joined me and we had fun. [Well I certainly had fun and it seemed like most of my fellow seminar guests also left smiling.]

And we talked about the best way to change a COLD call into a WARM call... it is to google the person or company you intend to visit and see what google has to say about you. It actually doesn't matter what comes up... whatever you find can form the basis of a conversation.

How often should you indulge in "Googling..."? I say EVERY TIME you are going to meet someone, you should google them first.

And I always throw out the challenge to my audience... have you "googled" Wayne Mansfield. Rarely have they because they would find what wikipedia say as about me... and probably be unimpressed.

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