Thursday, September 19, 2013

When will I publish the book

It would be a great book!!
There is a sign that stares at my from my book case... "The Maverick Spirit" published February 10th, 2011... yet it wasn't.

Have you got those projects sitting around just waiting for the "last little bit" to be done?? I must have 5 or 6 projects at that stage. With the Maverick Spirit we encountered some problems that haven't been resolved... and yet they could be if I just stopped my "life on a treadmill" long enough to get that last little bit done.

And there is 23 Steps to Social Media Domination DVD series and Twitter for Fun and Profit Kindle book also "just a couple of tweaks away" from finding their way to you.

So why am I sharing my shorting comings with an audience of 20 million or so?? Because I need some accountability in my life and also some closure. And by sharing with you maybe, just maybe, I will be compelled to finish the project... how about you check back in regularly and see how I go.

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