Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Being a geek aint all bad!

Here's some other GEEKS you may know and how much they have profited by being the ultimate GEEKS:

* Bill Gates (Microsoft), $57 billion
* Larry Ellison (Oracle), $27 billion
* Michael Dell (Dell), $17.3 billion
* Paul Allen (Microsoft), $16 billion
* Sergey Brin (Google), $15.9 billion
* Larry Page (Google), $15.8 billion
* Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), $15 billion
* Jeff Bezos (Amazon), $8.7 billion
* Pierre Omidyar (eBay), $6.3 billion
* Eric Schmidt (Google), $5.9 billion
* Steve Jobs (Apple), $5.7 billion
* Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), $1.5 billion


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    Sarah McCue, PhD

  2. Sarah

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