Sunday, May 03, 2009

Perth.. should I leave??

Letter to editor - Sunday Times May 3, 2009 Graham Chapman Rockingham

I'm sick of Perth's violence, gangs, law courts with revolving doors, "get out of jail" free cards and the never ending boatloads of asylum-seekers.

It sickens me that our young men are sent to fight and die in Afghanistan and their able-bodied men get free entry to Australia. So I said to my wife, "Let's go to Melbourne or Sydney."

Hang on, it's not safe there - bigger bikie gangs, more drugs, Lebanese gangs, Asian gangs and the underworld.

Maybe we could migrate - to England?? But wait, it's worse there - multiculturalism gone mad. All the Poms are coming here. they have had enough!

That leaves Adelaide, the city of churches. But I was there last year, and as I sat in Rundle Street Mall I played "spot the Aussie." If Tasmania wasn't so wet and cold and had a footy team, just maybe.

Well there is always New Zealand, but during the 2007-08 financial year, 34,500 Kiwis settled here so NZ has obviously lost its appeal.

But wait. win Lotto, buy a yacht and we could sail away, leaving all our worries behind. Damn, I forgot about the Somali pirates.

So I guess it's Perth and Western Australia with its wonderful climate, beaches, wineries, wildflowers, fishing and the many other attractions that I proudly call home.

Note to Media: how about reporting the good stuff guys...and not all the crap.

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