Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lenovo Service - Lift Your Game!!

I recently purchased a 10" IndeaPad Netbook made by Lenovo. Great little machine and does heaps more than you would think it could.

Problem: Fan has started to be noisy... and obviously the machine is still under new warranty so I approached the seller - Harris Technology - and they said all warranty needs are handled by Lenovo. They gave me the number of who to call - Strike 1!! 131 426 and after the usual push 1 for this etc., and a 23 minute wait, "Sorry we are ThinkPad SmartCentres and not Lenovo so you will have to call them... the number is 1 300 557 073 option3, option 2, option 1... but I will put you through... I should have smelled a rat there and then!

An automated, american accented robotic voice, told me for the next 45 minutes that my call was important, all her agents were dealing with other clients, thank you for being patient etc etc etc etc etc... and I needed to go and do some work [I had it on loud speaker BUT you are tied to the desk JUST INCREASE someone actually comes on the line]

So, noisy fan still, my little helper keeps working away.
Lenovo... are you listening?? How about giving some "service" would that be too hard?


  1. ugh... sounds like an experience I had with averatec. terrible notebooks, even worse customer service!

    learned the hard way that with large purchases it's best to go with a reputable company.

  2. Anonymous11:40 am

    It is a bit like trying to opt out of spam, but at least eventually you might get what you want rather than the opposite.

  3. Update: Lenovo service centre in Sydney Australia located the part I needed, shipped it overnight, and I had it fitted by The Nerdshop Perth. I now have a perfectly working Lenovo Netbook S10... which travelled with me to Qatar and back in the last week