Friday, May 15, 2009

Taxi Driver Fron Hell - Sydney Australia

In Sydney today for Twitter for Business Seminar at Portside Conference Centre after flying in on the Qantas  redeye from Perth... geez why does it take so long for the luggage to come off?? 35 minutes this morning!!

But I complain too much!!

I get a taxi immediately and ask to go to Kent Street which is in a straight line from the airport. So I ask the driver to go "via Alexandria". The alternative route is the Eatern Distributor Freeway which has tunnels, tolls and an extra 5 or 8 kilometres which translates to be about $10 extra fare.

Well my driver was not happy... and he took it out on the brakes, changed lanes over a dozen times, cursed and grunted, and made my life hell.

I let him know that I was the customer and it was my right to pick the route... to which he ranted and raved that I was wasting his time... mmmm

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  1. Hi Wayne,

    All these years travelling to Sydney and this is your 1st bad experience in a Sydney Cab?! You have been blessed with great luck!

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    John Aquilina