Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Kids on Stock

While we all strive for independence during our lifetime, students in Tasmania now have a first-rate opportunity to obtain a head start. New Kids on the Stock is a dynamic new program that we have developed for delivery in schools. It aims to help students develop an appreciation of the basic skills and principles from the world of investing. The stock market is a major focus. Separate programs are offered for primary and secondary schools.

The experience of so many people throughout their schooling is that they receive very little opportunity to master money management and investment skills. This was so clearly evident in feedback from the scores of stock market workshops that we have delivered around Australia. Adult participants in these workshops would continually remark, “if only I has known this 20 years ago.” This situation is only just starting to change(refer to website in recognition of the fact that skills formation and knowledge in this area will form the basis of one’s life skills in later years.

It is natural for students to question constantly why they are required to learn a specific maths technique or formula. Too often, they bemoan the fact that they will never have cause to use it in the future. In our program, we tackle this frustration head on by skilfully linking their numeracy skills to practical everyday stock market situations. Students quickly recognise why they need a particular numeracy skill and it is then so refreshing to see the positive impact that this has on their whole learning experience.

Major themes covered in the course include an introduction to the world of business, business basics, the concepts of investment and risk, buying and selling shares on the stock market, picking successful companies to invest in, managing a share portfolio and making sense of the financial pages of a newspaper.

The program features a range of relevant learning resources, including a number of interactive exercises. Teaching sessions provide a combination of small group work and individual learning tasks for students to gain increased confidence and competence in applying varied problem solving strategies to a range of stock market scenarios. Basic investment jargon is introduced as part of the learning experience, but is not used routinely in delivery of the program.

The prime aim is to create a fun learning environment in which the world of investment and the stock market are seen as a natural extension of everyday living. Wealth creation is discussed in a holistic way, not merely in relation to assets and money.

Professional fees associated with program delivery and arrangements to schedule the program into the curriculum of a school are a matter of negotiation. We are flexible and keen to customise the program to meet the requirements of each school.

Want to know more about this dynamic program and arrange for its introduction at the school attended by your children or grandchildren? Then contact us for a detailed flyer, using any of the media on the back page of this newsletter. We would be pleased to enter into discussions with the Principal and staff of any school in the state, without obligation.

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