Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Here is a great article from MacDonald Business Group owner, Malcom MacDonald, getting down to business...

One of my favourite pastimes, regardless of the time of year, is to walk along a beach. I did so recently on the south-east coast of Tasmania.

It stood out like a beacon.

As I stopped to inhale the salty sea air, I looked up to the cliffs towering above me and there it was. I t stood out like a beacon in brilliant gold against the dark cliff face.
I smiled and marvelled at the sight before me... a flowering plant miraculously growing in what seemed to be hardly any soil on a jagged ledge, buffeted by the winds.

Blooming where it had been planted.

Despite its harsh conditions, this plant was blooming where it had been planted.
I reflected on a few moments on how it might have become established there. The seed could perhaps have been dropped by a seabird or blown to its resting place by the winds which swirled around the cliffs. Whatever its origins, this plant has only survives but thrived against all odds. It was indeed a beautiful creation. One can only feel inspired and stand in awe over discoveries like this.

This sturdy little plant has lessons for us all.

As I continued my walk along the shore, I could not erase the vision of that sturdy little plant from my mind. Only days earlier, I had followed my established practise ad completed my business plan for 2007 and committed to writing my personal goals for the year ahead. The parallels with that little plant were not lost on me.

The start of a new year is a time for looking forward, but it is also a good time to look back, reflect and take stock. What can you learn from the last 12 months? What would you do differently> How do you respond when life throws you a curve? How can you bloom where you are planted in 2007?

Just like that little plant, each of us has a choice when challenges, harsh conditions, and setbacks hit us. We can either dig in with determination, persistence and belief in one’s self, remain steadfast in the pursuit of our goals and bloom, or wallow in our self pity, query why this is happening to me, give up and allow the events or harsh conditions to claim victory. It’s about attitude, what we’re made of, out values, counting our blessings whatever the circumstances and seeing the possibilities that are all around us.

How to Bloom where you planted in 2007

Each of us has a unique opportunity to bloom where we are planted. Just like that flowering plant, the following principles can act as a beacon for you and me in the year ahead:

Strive to do the very best job you can, whatever your vocation or the nature of your business.

Focus and gain a sense of purpose and direction in your life by putting your goals in writing and monitoring your progress.

Determine what really is important in your life – family, business, sport, church, friends, hobby etc. Then ensure that you uphold these values as you pursue your goals.

Read something inspirational everyday, put your goals where you can see them an associate them with people who display a positive attitude.

Be a source of encouragement to those in the workplace and those in your life, especially when you detect that they are down in spirit.
Filter out negative thoughts in the same way you deal with weeds in your garden. Replace them with the flowers of positive thinking and you will be well on the way to blooming where you are planted.

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