Friday, March 30, 2007

Keeping Track of Your Stockmarket Investments

Once you start building a share portfolio or trading in the stock market, it’s vital that you maintain good records of all your transactions.

STEX Investor Software provides you with specific tools to record and manage your investments effectively. It is an Australian product, attuned to Australian conditions, including our taxation laws, and is sold and services by Melbourne based STEX Investor Software.

Using software specifically designed to deal with the stock market makes things easier that developing a spreadsheet or using general accounting software, It simply takes the click of a mouse to bring up the relevant form to enter details of any transaction. STEX then proceeds automatically to transform the data into several different types of reports, the most important being those that you or your accountant will need for income tax purposes. Such a report covers all your sales with their capital gain or loss for the year and an income report showing all moneys received during the year.

Among other reports, the software will tell you how well each stock in your portfolio is performing over any period you nominate, the value and cost of your holdings at any given date, valuation by industry and unrealised capital gains showing your profit and loss for any shares held if you were to sell them on a particular date.

If you wish to track the market through graphs (known as technical analysis), as well as understanding the fundamentals of a company’s balance sheet and annual report, you may wish to acquire the user-friendly STEX charting 8.

Learning how to use the software is not difficult. It is supplied with easy to understand help files and a manual written in layperson’s terms. You can always contact STEX office in Melbourne and talk to someone direct for no extra cost during business hours and send an email. You will enjoy talking to a real person who works with the company and is not part of a call centre! More information is available from the STEX website at

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