Friday, April 29, 2022

Create your collection

 Create your collection

If inspiration doesn't strike, don't worry – none of this is permanent at this stage and you can change it all later.

Note that you're given a choice of blockchains to use -  you can use Ethereum.

Once your collection has been created, it's now time to upload the files you'll actually be using to create your NFT. Once your file has been uploaded, that's it – you have created your first NFT!

Your new NFT will have a unique address and its total supply embedded in its identifying data.

This means that you're the only person who can mint more, even if you sell it to someone else. If you do mint more NFTs of the same file, each new buyer will be able to see what "number" version they have – kind of like a serial number.

Everyone has been created It's now time to get your collection looking slick for any potential buyers, so we recommend updating your banner image.

This will help set your collection apart from the crowd and give it a unique identity all of its own.

We strongly recommend you tag your collection with as many social links as possible to help spread the word about your project. First, choose a category to tag your collection to help people find it. Then, you can link to the various relevant social platforms, as you can see:

You can also set which tokens other people can use to buy or sell your NFT. Readers with more technical experience may prefer to create their own bespoke ERC-20 token, but most users will be happy with the pre-set options of ETH, WETH, DAI and USDC.

Step 4. Sell your NFT

This is where the fun really begins – there are many NFT marketplaces online, but since it has been designed to be accessible for newcomers, we will stick with OpenSea for our example.

To sell an NFT on OpenSea, previously you had to create your own storefront and pay minting fees but with the recent explosion of interest in NFTs, they have now streamlined the process – although there is still a gas fee for first-time sellers.

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