Saturday, January 08, 2022

What is Feb 5 anyway?

 I live in Western Australia where covid-19 is talked about but not experienced I have a few things to say:

My date of birth is January 23rd, 1952 [ so a few days off 70!]

I am triple vaxxed!

But I refuse to wear a mask where nothing shows they work!

Today another store "shouted at me" about a mask so they didn't get my money! am I right?
I will find somewhere else to buy my stuff than these two!

Today's # Hashtags

                1.        #NFT
                2.        #GST
                3.        #Ashes
                4.        #JL
                5.        #HobartPinkBallTest
                6.        #SirPaul
                7.         #SirTony
                8.        #fyp.
                9.        #Dlorker            

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