Monday, January 03, 2022

How you think matters

Once I was Australia's best fax marketer - that was sending faxes in bulk... have you got a fax machines? They are technology of the past!

When was the last time you got a ketter? We now have to pay extra for delivery for delivery under a week.
Well, to fill a seminr I used to bulk mail post office boxes... do you have one of those? I had one for 20 plus years but the last ones I had only got the bill for the mail box as mail!! I no longer do letter box drops.

Once upon a time, I ran a telemarketing operation in South Perth - Because people answerede their phones this was very successful - the staff in majority were hockey players doing their "mandatory job" twahe people were at the Australian Institute for Sport... one week 10 of my 12 operators left to go to Argentina to play hockey - I never had a phone room again.

Well in 2004 I collected the biggest ever fine becuase I was Australia's and possibily the world's best email marketer... the system has worked ever since until 2022 when it doesn't - the issue is the slide has been slow!

My friend said if you used the skills with the methods of marketing you would make a "shit load" of money.

His over all advice was the painpoint for Seniors is not slipping backward.. and the new methods would allow this. Cash to live the life of how you lived before..

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