Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Australia Day!

 What is Australia Day anyway! True Aussies rejoice in the Public Holiday! Isn't that what days of Celebration mean? Heck Melbourne has a day off for the Melbourne Cup and the Football Grand Final.

I am of two minds... if it is about history than we are british and we should celebrate Captain Cook arriving at Botany Bay on January 26th! That did happen and is as significant as the Horse Race and The football Grand Final! If you have been in Australia since that date it is OK to celebrate.

If you were here before than than yes it could be Invasion Day and like all history it is about the winners settin the narrative. In days gone I have been travelling on National days of the places I have been - Qatar and india come to mind! - and the celebration is about what is now... Qatar is a nation of modern workers [ Modern slavery in all but name!] who out number locals yet the day is celebrated as a symbol of all things Qatar... India is a national of many cultures and a billion people and the feel is different - it is uniquely Indian in nature but also includes the past - good and bad! Hey with a billion people and thousands of years of history there is a lot to celebrate or mourn. India's National Day is a mixture of everything that makes up modern India.

My thoughts are that we should be more like India and have bits of everything and what day that happens really doesn't matter as long as it is a holiday!

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