Sunday, January 02, 2022

McCartney is no genius!

In a recent podcast comment by  Seth Godin he stated that Paul McCartney of Beatles fame was no genius!

Rather, Godin contended, that McCartney had a process to do one song  a day when the Beatles started and because he had soo many songs some became epic successes - If you produce a lot, even if a small percentage are fantastic and many are crap, you are remember for the great ones and not the crap... out of over 300 songs during the Beatles hey days Paul is remembered for a few - Yesterday { the most recorded song by other artists - over 3,000 different artists have recorded their version of it... Hey Jude about John Lennon's son Julian and Eleanor Rigby on which no Beatles play any instrument but it still reached Number 1 on the charts of the day.

With the shear  number of songs it was just a matter of when he had a great song... he had many great songs making him a  song writing legend but he wasn't, according to Godin, a Genius Song Writer. Rather Godin contends that McCartney's process allowed him to produce so many songs that it stands to reason some were really good.

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