Monday, September 27, 2021

It's a holiday!

Perth has a Public Holiday today!! I think it is called "the Queens Birhday" - it is NOT but hey we need a name... not like the vics who had Friday off and called it tyhe AFL Final holiday... They also have one for the Melbourne Cup.... Pity they are also in Lock down.

I often wondered what the Spanish Flu time was like.... we still have a flu shot to ward off the flu BUT did you know San Francisco had a Freedom day in 1919 when they could legally stop wearing a msk only to be caught by the 2nd wave.

The balck plague wiped out 60% of Europe's polulation and can loosely be credited with starting the Salve Trade as Serfs demanded paymeor labour where as pre-plague they worked for free.

                    Todays #Hashtags

                        1.    #NFT
                        2.    #AFLFinal
                        3.    #Dees
                        4.    #Scotty
                        5,    #Mark
                        6.    #Jab
                        7.    #Covid-19
                        8.    #FatShame
                        9.    #Virus
                        10.   #Racism

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