Monday, January 18, 2021

The love of cricket!

 My first memories are of listening to the radio in the middle of the night with my father - at the cowamup bakery where he was baker, [ my grandfether started the Bakery ] and I grew to love cricket... my passion far outweighed my skill but a perfect holiday was 2 weeks off and watching test cricket for 10 of those days on th ABC [ no ads ] - perfection.

I was shattered when Smith, Warner and bancroft were CAUGHT cheating in South Africa. Heck I knew we cheated but to get caught well that rocked me to my core - I stopped watching and reading about cricket immediately. 

And I have missed it.

See the crowd

This summer both Smith and Warner have struggled.. Bancroft isn't back in the team... and the Indians have recovered from an all out for 36 to be really serving it up to the Aussies.

Yes one of the changes is that I have started watching and taking interest in cricket again... and all the old stuff is still there - Paine sledging, Smith cheating [?] bowlers sending down [ no enough apparently ] bouncers... crowds misbehaving, rain coming from nowehere to stop play... wonderful

But stuff that gets my goat:

women commentating
commentators getting carried away

Thw rold is back to normal [ crowds are what they used to be [small] I remember being able to sit in a corporate box at the WACA in Perth with a crowd of 50 in total [ that insludes both teams ] it was a Sheild match [ the State Competition ] and I wondered why it was so exciting on TV  [ the toilet is closer is what I worked out.]

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