Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Qatar rejoins world Saudi Bring down Border

 Sometime ago, Saudi Arabia closed its border with Qatar which isn't going to affect many Australians except my son and I who had for the previous 12 years been building a business and influence in Qatar... I contacted our business psrtner who said - "don't worry- it will blow over in 6 weeks" that was in 2017!

So, three years on, it is with great interest I read that finally the border is open and Qatar is welcomed back to the Western World... the pity is that Australians can't fly at the moment so a visit is delayed a while.

So, 2021 has started better than 2020 ended [ actually from March to December was crap ] with sales being the best in 5 years, Qatar re-opening, the web host allocating new IP's and the weather back to 40c.

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