Monday, January 04, 2021

Is SEO hard?

 I am reinventing Myself so need to relearn the basics.... like SEO [Search engine optimisation ]

SEO isn’t that complicated. It’s quite simple—or at least the basics are. But the basics aren’t enough to get you ranked, right?


Here’s the truth:

Most people who run websites have a limited understanding of SEO, so you often only need to get the basics right to succeed.

There are just five fundamental steps to SEO success:

  1. How to figure out what your customers are searching for
  2. How to optimize your web pages for your target keywords
  3. How to make sure your website is accessible to both search engines and humans
  4. How to get other websites to link to your site, and finally:
  5. How to start measuring your SEO success

So come with me on the journey to discover what to do in 2021!

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