Sunday, July 07, 2019

The First Victim of CyberBullies

A recent TED talk and then the more in depth Ted Interview with Chris Anderson featured Monica Lewinsky [Yes for those of you old enough THAT Monica]

If you haven't listened to either - YOU SHOULD.

I had forgotten how new Cyberbullies were - my run-in with them was 1999 and still most days someone references the matter [chech my Wikipedia listing if you want details] and Also the point she makes elegantly, this stuff seems to have a forever life. I hadn't really thought about forget me laws that have taken hold in Europe but maybe we should look at them.

OK, my point is this, the internet has many good and bad traits, and obviously one of its bad traits is to magnify something out of what history would have done. So, Monic's "that blue dress" will live on when in past times, it would slowly fade away.

My ask is to "have a listen" to a very positive Monica on Ted and you will, I am hoping, get a new perspective on the good and bad of the internet. [Also why clickbait is the soul mate of Fake News and confirmation Bias]

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