Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Experience Oracle

OK... maybe I make the internet seem too hard by making it seem so easy - and a little voice in my head reminds me of the critique of one of my sessions in Sydney: "The problem, Wayne, is you are the smartest person in the room" Now I am sure that wasn't true, but I acted like it was "all about me" and really it should be all about you!

So, come with me on the journey of creating a lifestyle business The Experience Oracle and I will show you how you could build something like this too!

Step 1: The name - I played around with names and then put what I had come up with in  a domain registrar site - I use and found my first 20 had already been taken... [ it is rare to get a domain name first go!]so I played around with the word guru in the synonyms page on google and came up with oracle... and the ExperienceOracle was available as a domain at $10US so I was in business

Step 2: Now we need a logo... I went to the Free Logo Sites and found one I liked [log] and then played around with font and found an image. Now truth be known, my graphic skills are lacking but my EA [those people who you find on sites like Upwork or Fiverr ] is brilliant at photoshop so I asked if she could make it a bit better - well it is a lot better!

Step 3: Create a Facebook page!

I have just finished that - the page is ExperienceOracle and it is in the category - just for fun - nothing else seemed to fit!

This is how far I got and I ran out of energy!

The header is Positano where I have been!

This has taken me a while - I asked Dr Goole what to do and now I have a unique Facebook address:

and then you need people to find you so could you like I would really appreciate it.


PS it is easy to do BUT confronting the first time [ or in my case the 20th time ] you create a facebook page.

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