Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The experience oracle?

Trends? I wish what tomorrow would be like.. and I am not sure anybody really knows.

Way back before the internet, I had a serviced office [the Servcorp type on level21 of their building in Perth]. At the time there was a stigma - aren't you a real company?? Eventually, we had a REAL office... now we have co-working spaces and "Permanent" place at coffee shops and everyone seems fine with that - and loads of vacant space where offices used to be... a Cat Hotel is opening where once a professional Real Estate Office was. Yes, a place for cats to "stay overnight while their owners are travelling or romancing."

Mmm this friend doesn't want a Doggie Hotel

What brought this on Wayne? Well I changed my morning walk and was greeted by the vacant convenience store, a 2017 car with no kms on the clock for sale at the local motor dealer [ it is a car and not a fancy SUV so out of favour] passed a vacant Hogs Breath that lasts less than 6 months after a nearly $1 million fitout... and where am I writing this from? My afternoon office, a coffee shop in the local shopping mall that is getting more and more "vacant shop" signs although they have different words - like "space available for exciting new retailer " [ maybe 4 in this shopping centre which is undergoing a major upgrade [for what I am not sure]

So, I am looking for your input. What should I be looking at for the next 20 years [ oops say 4 quarters ] The starting point is a new trading entity - the ExperienceOracle. Trends say that customers will "expect more relevant and highly personalized experiences." I suppose if I am struggling with what that means so will others.

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