Sunday, December 06, 2015

Request: Permission to marry

I young man asked his father for advice about getting married and his father said:

The post important things is to say you are "sorry."

The young man was  confused and asked his father: "Why Dad?"

His father said: "Son, just say sorry...." to which the young man said "Why?"

Growing frustrated that the boy wasn't listening to his advice, the father said: " son, just say you are sorry!" Feeling he wasn't progressing towards the advice he required, the son gave in and say "Sorry!" and his elated father said... "You are ready for marriage my boy.... just say Sorry whenever anything is mentioned and you will lead a long and happy life with the wife."

Real advice:

Automatic apologies, however abject, are usually intended to deflect the other person's anger: they have little to do with genuine assumption of responsibility or sincere regret. They are made to "keep the peace".

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