Thursday, October 29, 2015

Australia Post Massive #FAIL

All Talk - no Action
Have you noticed that Australia Post is advertising that it will assist web based businesses with their delivery options?? I have been using the Express Post service but it has progressively become more expensive, and less flexible.

For example, the 3 kilo bag is now $15 and the "larger" size bag was been withdrawn from the 3 kilo range and put up to 5 kg for $25... even if the contents are just 2 kilos.

I have just got off the phone and been told they can't help wit their better cheaper service if I didn't send 1,000 items in the last 12 months.  They are NOT interested in projections just previous 12 months trading... mmmm maybe the mailman at OfficeWorks is the go??

Questions for the boffins at Australia Post: How can I order a book from book depository [ in the UK ] and have it delivered all for a cost of $17 AUS... and by Australia Post in the last leg of its international journey. I they gouging their Australian customers to make up for having to deliver International parcels for overseas companies??

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