Friday, March 14, 2008

Qantas Staff Excell on QF653

On Wednesday I travelled from Melbourne to Perth on QF653

A Customer Service Disaster was close when the passenger in 4C directly across the isle from me started to feel fluid running onto his head... what could it be?? Three cabin staff appeared, treated the matter professionally but, importantly, in great humour, and the offending "passengers water bottle which had sprung a leak" was located and removed.

Every one was assured there were no further problems and each and every water soaked item was dried, rearranged and re-stowed. And a happy tone was set for the trip - over 4 hours - to Perth.

The Customer Service Manager for the flight was a Kiwi lass called Vicki and she made the trip memorable. And as the mood that resulted from the "averted disaster" caught everyone on board, the meal service was exceptional - the food wasn't bad either! - and I was able to score an additional ice cream to boot.

My travelling companion was an SEO Expert ( search engine optimisation for the non web people reading this..) Franki Nguyen from TN3 and we chatted for the 4 hours. Franki has a fascinating story of the 2 years it took for his family - Vietnamese boat people - to get to Australia and how they have prospered here.

So, as a seasoned traveller, on "just one more flight" I have to say THANKS Vicki and your QANTAS team for a fabulous time on QF653 from Melbourne to Perth on Wednesday.

BONUS: On the labels of the Red Wine served with our meal there was a promo by Dan Murphy and Seppelt for Victorian Cabernet and with some "sweet talking" I left the plane with 6 tags for the FREE bottle of red... what a trip.

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