Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to Make Your Clients Addicted

I came across this great outline of how to get clients to feel good about dealing with you. It was in an email I got from the people at X2 Digital

When dealing with a business – Does it feel right? When something just feels right it is because your brain is telling you that it’s happy. As humans, our brain needs certain things and if it gets them - it will be attracted to them in the future. We become addicted.

Understanding what triggers these feeling with your customers is the essence of effective marketing. Digital Marketing has a key role in these trigger processes. You should examine what messages and triggers your customers enjoy when dealing with you. Look at you repeat customers; what are you doing to create addictive relationships? And how can you expand these?

Typically your clients must feel at least three of the following four things at very high levels:

1 - Certainty Certainty Clients must be certain that they will get what they expected (service, professionalism, face time, delivery, information, outcomes, quality, product etc). Every time – without fail. What are your client’s expectations?

2 - Connection Clients must feel connected with your business, people or offer. It must sustain a strong relationship that rewards the client emotionally. (learn their names, habits, needs, support their feel of who they are or want to be etc). Not treating the customer simply as a number - you can perhaps even have fun.

How can you connect with your customers?

3 - Variety Clients feed off variety. They must feel they are getting change and choice from your offer. Nothing ever stays the same. (delivery, range, niches, variations, colour add-ons etc). Surprise and delight them – add spice into your customers life. Just think of the design industry; fashion, cars, razors etc

What can you create today that feeds this need for variety?

4 - Significance Significance is a big one and guess what - Everyone wants it. Developing in your client a feeling that they are valued, important, individual, and unique is often essential. When you are remembered, how does it make you feel? If you are complimented on your appearance or your choices - you can feel touched. Equally when using the brand or service you are fulfilling a desire to feel more of the person you aspire to be. (Marlborough Man, Greenpeace, Union Member, white glove service etc).

How are you building this feeling with your clients?

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