Friday, March 14, 2008

Phil Evans The Newcastle Philosopher

I noticed this gem when reading a back issue of Phil's newsletter:

2008 is a year to be embraced in every way possible;
a year to live out our personal dreams;
a year to fulfill our goals and all of our personal visions;
a year to rejoice in the potential we all have as individuals, and to realise the greater potential we have as a united community - both locally and globally;
a year to think big and focus on world peace;
a year to live with a feeling of complete gratitude, by focusing on what we have, rather than on what we don't have;
a year to live in harmony and abundance; and
a year to be the best darned person we can possibly be, as much of the time as possible!

And remember this: Never be afraid to be wrong: think of the joy it brings to others!

Phil Evans - People Stuff

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