Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Whatever happened in 2006 did it change your life?

Today's issue January 6th, 2007 of Mind Synergy by Brian Leaning-Mizen has a great "How was your 2006..." and I rated a mention. Thanks Brian!!

"Every year that passes has it's highlights and also events that stun us or uplift us, 2006 was no different, here are some of the things that struck me as events worth mentioning.

Kim Beasley finally realised that he wasn't ever going to be Prime Minister and took retirement.

Great Aussie Gold Medallist Ian Thorpe retired from competitive swimming at the ripe old age of 24, I was surprised as he still has a lot to offer the sport, still we wish him every good fortune in his future.

Aussie icon, Steve Irwin died tragically in the most bizarre accident ever, up to that event most people, including me, wouldn't have known that a stingray could kill a person.

Saddam Hussien has finally met his maker, after a lifetime of savage acts upon the people of Iraq, good riddance is all I have to say. Maybe the ratbags who are acting in his name will give their fellow countrymen & women a chance at a real life. I doubt it.

We have deservedly got back the Ashes, much to the disgust of my three brothers who expected the Poms to give us a cricket lesson, still the winning bets have a special taste to them, and will add to my late night musings.

Sadly we will say goodbye to Shane Warne and Glen McGrath from our test teams but I expect we shall have some great newcomers to replace them.

One of the most ridiculous events was the incredible fine of $5 million placed on Wayne Mansfield for sending out email spam. If the fine was supposed to act as a deterrent to spammers globally, it hasn't worked. I am getting almost double the amount of spam in my inbox every day, than I did prior to Wayne's trial and many of my friends tell me the same. The whole thing appears to have been an exercise in futility and ignorance on the part of the judiciary.

I think it was one of Charles Dickens characters who stated; "The law is an Ass."

On a positive note everyone of my clients had a record year, and are all very positive about what 2007 holds for us all. Happy New Year.

Brian Leaning-Mizen

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