Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Your Soap Operah Database

I was stuck at home sick today, and the extent of my activites involved lying on the sofa in front of the tv, randomly flicking through the channels to see if anything could grab my interest. Bold & Beautiful happened to be on, and for some reason I was strangely drawn to it. All of a sudden these characters who I had no idea about or had seen before become interesting, and all these little sub plots sprang to life. I think I can understand the obsession with this genre of television now, and curious as to the back story, did a search. I then came across a Soap Opera website, soaps.com that contained information about all the major soap operahs around the world, including latest news, storyline and plot developments, as well as current ratings and tv listings.

For the passionate soap operah supporter, this is your new homepage, as all information that you could want is available here, and is being constantly updated.

- Liam Webb

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